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Adirondack Sports & Fitness is an outdoor recreation and fitness magazine covering the Adirondack Park and greater Capital-Saratoga region of New York State. We are the authoritative source for information regarding individual, aerobic, life-long sports and fitness in the area. The magazine is published 12-times per year at the beginning of each month.


August 2018


Local Group Recruiting Fit & Athletic Women For Ovarian Cancer Awareness

ALBANY – Ovarian cancer is one of the less common cancers. When diagnosed early, the prognosis is good, but the survival rate is low when diagnosed in later stages. There is no screening test for ovarian cancer, and the symptoms are a vague suite of symptoms, often missed by women and their health care providers. Symptoms, known as “BEAT” which includes persistent Bloating, Eating issues (early satiation, nausea), Abdominal issues including low back pain, and “Toilet” issues such as diarrhea or constipation and urinary urgency/frequency; and changes in menstruation can also be a symptom.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in September has inspired a local ovarian cancer survivor from Rexford; Caring Together, a local ovarian cancer organization (; and a young videographer, Katie Amo to produce a video, “Yes, Fit Women Can Get Ovarian Cancer, Too,” to raise awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms among fit and athletic women.

The group is recruiting fit and athletic women diagnosed with ovarian cancer willing to share their stories for the video. Sharing stories is critical to helping someone else detect the early warning signs. If you or someone you know is a fit or athletic woman diagnosed with or a survivor of ovarian cancer and willing to participate, email Meg Wilkinson at or call 518-813-8165 by September 1. For more info, go to


New Website Helps Prevent Spread of Invasive Species in the Adirondacks

KEENE VALLEY – Before heading out for a day of hiking, camping, boating or other Adirondack recreational activities, The Nature Conservancy’s Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program has launched The site offers an overview of the invasive species problem and simple steps anyone can take to limit the likelihood of unintentionally spreading an invasive. Tips are given for specific outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, boating, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, horseback riding, gardening/landscaping and farming. The site is designed to provide information quickly and easily, and serves as a complement to APIPP’s longstanding website,

Invasive species are plants, insects, animals and other organisms that are non-native to the ecosystem and cause significant economic or environmental harm, or harm to human health. Among the lengthy and diverse list of potential impacts: invasive species can reduce native species biodiversity, hamper recreational use, reduce property values and spread diseases.

APIPP is a partnership program of The Nature Conservancy, NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, NYS Dept. of Transportation, and the Adirondack Park Agency – and is housed under the Adirondack Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. Since its founding, APIPP has grown to include more than 30 cooperating partner organizations, and over 700 volunteers. For more info, visit

Rollerski Race Weekend in the Adirondacks

LAKE PLACID & WILMINGTON – The New York Ski Educational Foundation, the New England Nordic Ski Association, and the Olympic Regional Development Authority invite athletes to a rollerski race weekend, September 15-16 in the Adirondacks.

On Saturday, September 15, there will be a Lake Placid Doubleday consisting of a 3K freestyle prologue rollerski with an interval start followed by a 1.5K freestyle preliminary sprint. The Doubleday will take place at 9am at the rollerski loop located at the Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jump. On Sunday, September 16, the Climb to the Castle Skate Race will begin at 8am. The course will start at the Whiteface Toll Booth, climbing for five miles with an average 8% grade up the Memorial Highway to the summit of Whiteface Mountain, New York’s fifth highest peak with an elevation of 4,867 feet.

Following the race events there will be a brief award ceremony for Junior, Senior and Masters Classes. Participate, volunteer and/or cheer on Nordic athletes from around the country. To register or volunteer, go to

Correction to “Getting Kids into Mountain Bike Riding and Racing” Article

– Due to a production error, the last four paragraphs of the Mountain Biking article in the July 2018 issue were omitted. Here is the correct text:

There are four NY NICA affiliated teams in the Capital Region: R-Cubed Composite, Niskayuna High School, Mohawk Composite, and Grey Ghost Bicycles Composite. Composite simply means they’re open to all and not a school-based team. The R-Cubed team started with one team member in 2013 and they currently have 19 team members. The coaches emphasize the inspiration that members get while working with each other. Besides the physical skills, they see the development of “larger life” skills, such as dealing with events out of your control, perseverance and maintaining a positive attitude.

The Niskayuna High School club team includes middle and high school students from the school district. The Mohawk Composite team (formerly HRRT) has students from the surrounding area. The two teams share a head coach and have five to six assistant coaches. Indoor training starts in January and in season training takes place along the bike trail for fitness and off-road at North Bethlehem Park, Central Park, Lock 7 and Luther Forest. Two-thirds of riders are boys, but there are an increasing number of girls joining, and the teams developing more beginner trails access for new riders.

The Grey Ghost Bicycles Composite team started 2018 with 12 team members and ended with 18. The team emphasizes the friendships gaining when riding and racing together. Coaching helps the athletes develop and achieve their goals, whether it’s competing or learning better bike handling skills. In the spring, the team practices weekly at Gurney Lane Bike Park. The NICA NY Race Series is every other Sunday from mid-April until early-June.

Between now and January is an excellent time to join or start teams. They can use more help from adult volunteers, whether it’s coaching, building berms or teaching skills. To learn more, email or contact: USA BMX (; Tri-City BMX (; National Interscholastic Cycling Association (; New York Interscholastic Cycling League (; R-Cubed (; Niskayuna and Mohawk (; and Grey Ghost Bicycles (